Key Investment Strategies

The Manager intends to increase the income and, consequently, the value of the Subject Properties, through the following strategies :

  1. Active asset management strategy
    The Manager will seek to optimise the rental rates, occupancy rates and NLA of Subject Properties in order to improve the returns from IGB REIT’s property portfolio;
  2. Acquisition growth strategy
    The Manager will source for and acquire properties that fit within IGB REIT’s investment strategy to enhance returns to Unitholders and capitalise on opportunities for future income and NAV growth. In doing so, IGB REIT expects to benefit from a POFR from the Sponsor to acquire the Sponsor’s future properties used primarily for retail purposes and will also pursue acquisitions from third parties that, in each case, fit with the investment criteria and investment objective of IGB REIT; and
  3. Capital and risk management strategy
    The Manager will endeavour to employ an appropriate mix of debt and equity in financing acquisitions, will seek to manage refinancing risk and, where appropriate, will also seek to manage interest rate risk by utilising interest rate hedging strategies in compliance with the REIT Guidelines.